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Dial the access number then your full destination number including the country code
E.G. for India at 0.5p/min dial 08433750011 then 0091 XX XX XX XX
* Calls are charged from time of connection to the service
* Please hang up after a short time if your call is engaged or unanswered
* You must have bill payer’s permission before using the service
* Rate are from BT landlines
* BT apply a maximum of 15.97 pence Call Set Up Fee to each call
* Rates and set up fees from other providers may vary, please check with your service provider before calling
Where would you like to call?
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Destination Planet Talk Instant Dial Around Your Call World Rate Buster Just Dial
Afghanistan 15 p/min 25 p/min 15 p/min 13 p/min 18 p/min
Canada 1/2 p/min 1 p/min 1 p/min 2 p/min 1 p/min
India 1/2 p/min 3 p/min 1 p/min 1 p/min 1 p/min
Pakistan 5 p/min 8 p/min 5 p/min 4 p/min 5 p/min
USA 1/2 p/min 1 p/min 1 p/min 1 p/min 1 p/min
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